Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Signs of the Times

A little more than a year ago, you'd be hard pressed to find political yard signs with Republican on them, much less Conservative. Candidates didn't want the R or C words hung around their necks during the 2008 elections, while Obama-mania was conning the country.

Times have changed.

In this season of primaries, I have seen very few yard signs that identifies their candidates as a Democrat. I've seen few that identify the candidate as a Republican. I see a lot of signs identifying the candidate as a Conservative Republican.

Most of the radio ads I have heard are the same way - the candidates are touting themselves as Conservative, especially fiscally Conservative.

The two Democrat candidates for Texas Governor are both pushing Conservative traits and ideals - creating jobs, business tax cuts, smaller government, lower taxes, cutting government waste. Not exactly an Obama script, is it?

A recent poll of Hispanics in Texas indicates that over 50% of them identify themselves as Conservative. Not Republican ... Conservative ... The same poll showed that as many as 23% of them will vote in the Republican primary for a Republican candidate.

A national poll a couple of months ago seeking to identify political ideology rather than party affiliation showed that 40% of Americans identified themselves as Conservative. 22% identified themselves as Liberal. The rest were those undefined in the middle.

Any Democrat touting his links to Obama is committing political suicide. Having Obama actually campaign for you is like hanging a dead albatross around your neck ... just ask the folks in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Harry Reid asked Obama to come to Nevada to campaign for him - he's so far behind the Republican challenger, he's got nothing to lose ...

Being a Conservative is becomming the 'in' thing. I can't wait until some Hollywood bigwigs start spitting out that they've really been Conservatives for all these years. I can just see Babs Striesand blabbering "I've always been a Reagan Republican, silly ... are you coming to my party?"

I only hope that the country can hold on long enough for this Conservative wave to take effect at the polling places. Come on America ... you can defeat Obama!

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