Thursday, February 25, 2010

Danica Already Wearing Thin With NASCAR

Danica Patrick's stock car racing career is 3 races in length. She ran the ARCA event at Daytona, and finished 6th. She ran the Nationwide Series event at Daytona, and crashed out on lap 65 (not of her doing). She ran the Nationwide Series event at California this past Saturday, and finished 31st, two laps down. She is scheduled to run the Nationwide Series event at Las Vegas this weekend, and then will take a two month break from stock cars to get back in her Indy car.

Her public face during this has been good. She has been humble, and said all the right things. She's earned praise from all corners, particularly at Daytona, for her driving skill and attitude. The public loves Danica mania, delivering very high TV ratings for the events she has participated in.

However ...

Danica the prima-donna is apparently on the loose.

Unofficial sources have leaked out that behind the scenes, Danica has been bad mouthing Dale Jr. According to her, she's a better driver than he, she doesn't respect him, and the only reason he signed her to drive his car was the money involved. Those sources and others report that Dale Jr. isn't exactly happy with her behind his back antics.

Dale Jr. is NASCAR's golden boy. NO ONE bad mouths him, or Junior Nation goes nuts. Danica is all about the money - that is what this entire foray into NASCAR is all about. Why would she be biting the hand that has given her a lucrative ride and all the rope she needs to establish herself in the sport?

I don't know for sure, but have a couple of ideas.

First, she doesn't like NASCAR. Horsing the big stock cars around is a lot of work. The crowd she is forced to hang around with isn't the 'elite' bunch that hangs around Indy car.

Second, another team has approached her about moving to Cup racing much sooner than was planned with Dale Jr.'s plan. She may be trying to piss him off enough to cut up the contract. Danica has never been known for patience.

Third ... maybe she's just a spiteful, self-loving prima-donna who can't get along with anyone.

I don't know ... but she's killing what should have been a great thing for her, for Dale Jr., and for NASCAR.

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