Monday, December 27, 2010

A Prescription? For Aspirin?

So, as of January 1, if I want to pay for OTC (Over The Counter) medicines, such as aspirin or ibuprofin with a Flex plan or Health Savings Plan, I have to have a doctor's prescription for that specific drug, and I have to purchase it from a pharmacy (in order to enforce the need for a prescription).

This sounds insane, and it is. It is one of the first things to be implemented under Obamacare, and a very telling indication of what we are in store for with the rest that is coming.

Why did Democrats write this insanity into the bill?

Was it to exercise tighter government control over aspirin? That would be a very appropriate guess, given the Administration. But, no ...

Was it to give Doctor's better control over what their patients use? No ...

Was it to make sure that the healthcare consumer was given the benefit of a Doctor's advice before taking any medication. No ...

The reason is just a plain old Democrat money grab from the taxpayer.

You see, flex plans and HSAs have allowed healthcare consumers to purchase OTC health related items with pre-tax money. The government collects no income tax on money spent through flex of HSA plans.

By making this ludicrous, outrageous regulation requiring you get a prescrption for items like aspirin, the Democrats are counting on the vast majority of Americans not bothering and paying for these items with their normal funds - funds that have already been hit with income tax. If the healthcare consumer has a lot fewer items they can purchase through those plans, they won't contribute as much of their earnings into those plans. Hence, the government gets to hit you with income tax on a larger percentage of your earnings.

It's not about your health. It's not about your well being. It's about your money, and a way for the government to take more of it away from you.

Republicans have stated that this theft of our money is one of the first targets in their rollback of Obamacare. We'll see if they follow through with this.

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