Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Democrat Hypocrisy

We are being bombarded by Democrat outrage at the extension of the Bush upper tax rate. Left wing lawmakers, mostly in the House but in the Senate as well, scream in indignation over how the rich are fleecing the government, with Republicans at the center of the out and out theft of funds from Democrat controlled spending coffers. The evil rich must be punished. They must give up more to help the fill the government's purse.

Well, lets look at something. 9 of the 15 richest members of Congress, both Representatives and Senators, are Democrats:

12. Pelosi (D-CA) net worth 29.74 million
11. Grayson (D-FL) net worth 31.41 million (lost his bid for re-election)
10. Fenistein (D-CA) net worth 46.07 million
9. Lautenburg (D-NJ) net worth 49.7 million
7. Polis (D-CO) net worth 56.49 million
6. Warner (D-VA) net worth 70.19 million
4. Rockefeller (D-WV) net worth 81.5 million
3. Harman (D-CA) net worth 152.62 million

And the Number 1 richest member of Congress is John Kerry (D-MA). His net worth is listed at 188.37 million, and has assetts that fluctuate between $200 and $300 million.

Senator Kerry has 7 homes (mansions, really). A multi-million dollar yacht (that he was hiding from MA taxes by berthing it in RI).

C'mon you Dems ... if you are so in favor of fleecing the rich, why are you holding onto all this wealth? You should be out front and center, giving almost all of it away to charity, or over to the Federal Government.

John ... can't you give up 6 of those mansions, and sell off that yacht to help pay off the deficit? Or pay for some of those illegal immigrant programs you are so much in favor of? Sign over your six figure salary to the Fed. Promise to give your entire full pension back to the government. Keep a couple of million - surely you can live comfortably on that? I know an awful lot of families in this country that could get by on that much.

Hey, all you California Dems ... giving all of your millions over to the state government would help them quite a bit. Surely all those teachers and state workers who have been let go due to your state's incredible financial mismanagement would benefit from that money more than you would? Nancy - why don't you give your millions to San Francisco to help pay for all the drug using homeless 'victims of the rich' you've helped welcome into the city?

While you're at it, can you get such notable left wing philantropists as Michael Moore, Ted Turner, George Soros, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, etc., to fork over their fortunes? Imagine all the social programs they could pay for!!!!

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