Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

I've held my words on the Ground Zero Mosque debate ... until now.

I find it amazing that some Americans are stupid/naive/oblivious to what this mosque means. To hear the mayor of New York stand up and fight for this mosque to be built is absolutely amazing. This attitude of 'if we love them, they'll love us back' is the same stupid head-in-the-sand mentality that allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place.

For anyone stupid enough to believe that the purpose of this mosque is peace and harmony between Muslims and the City of New York, here's a dose of reality ...

The mosque, to be built two blocks away from Ground Zero, is a blatant statement from the radical Muslim community that 'we won'. The Imam who is to run it has made multiple anti-American statements in the past, refuses to denounce Islamic terrorists, and refuses to disclose where the financing for this multi-hundred million dollar building is to come from. A thirteen story golden domed building in this location sends a message to the world 'look what we did'.

This mosque will instantly become a rallying point for radical Islam all across the world. How many of you remember drawings of the twin towers crashing down drawn by Muslim school children in celebration of the attack? How many millions of kids were taught about the supremacy of Islam, and death to the Infidel using the Twin Towers as THE example? How many thousands of terrorists worldwide have been emboldened by the images of the Towers falling?

Now, they will have a photo of the Towers falling on their wall, and right next to it will be a photo of this very impressive looking mosque being built on the site of radical Islam's greatest victory.

This mosque isn't about healing the wounds of 9/11. I don't care what anyone says trying to put forth that garbage. Either they are stupid, or they are lying. The mosque is to give radical Islam a touchable, undeniable symbol of victory against the infidel.

This mosque could be built anywhere. From what I have heard, there are over 100 mosques inside NYC - there are no shortages of places for Muslims to worship. Even if there were shortages, there are hundreds of locations around NYC that this could be built. 'Moderate' Muslims have fallen for the premise that this is an outreach to America.

The thing that pisses me off more than the mosque and the attitude of the mayor of NY is the reaction of the White House. Self proclaimed Greatest Presidential Spokesman in History Robert Gibbs responding today to the question of how the President felt about the mosque, said (with a straight face) that it was beneath the White House to get involved in a local issue. In other words, the President is scared to death to make any kind of statement. He can't be in favor of the mosque, or he loses more credibility with the American people. He can't come out against it, for he is supposed to be the 'great friend' of Muslims worldwide - and can't offend them. So, he shows his yellow streak and hides from the issue.

This issue pisses me off to a level that not much can. As an everyday American, I am offended. I can't imagine how infuriated the victims and families of the those murdered on 9/11 feel about it. How badly does this hurt the thousands of our military who have fought over the past decade to keep us safe from this threat? How hurtful is it to the families of those military members who have sacrificed their lives in the fight?

It is unbelievable that this building is even being considered.

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Margot said...

Can u believe it? I cannot comment about White House attitude on this issue because you ask that comments be kept polite and clean. This "politically correct" thinking where everybody must be accomodated will be the death of this country. It keeps the truth from being spoken and waters down what should be core values and priorities in this country. I ache for the surviving families of 9/11 - they must feel very betrayed by their own country.