Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama's Brownshirts - Eric Holder and the DoJ

Remember how the Democrats screamed bloody murder over Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, President Bush, and the firings of those 9 DoJ lawyers (which was completely legal and precedented, by the way)? Remember the Democrat battle cry - that the Department of Justice can not become a political arm of the White House ... the DoJ has to remain independent of politics ... how using the DoJ for a political agenda is a criminal offense?

Judge Royce Lamberth, of the US District Court for theDistrict of Columbia, issued a temporary injunction against federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. The injunction was granted to halt distribution of federal funding for this research until a lawsuit has been settled. The suit was brought by researchers who use adult stem cells for their research, saying that Federal funding for embryonic research only hurts their business and ability to conduct research. The injunction is not based on, nor does it comment on, the ethical arguments involved in embryonic stem cell research.

Obama's DoJ immediately jumped up and stated it was filing suit to block the injunction.

Now, the Department of Justice is there to investigate and prosecute violations of the law - right?

What the hell business does the DoJ have filing suit against a court ruling that has absolutely nothing to do with the law, or breaking of the law? The answer is NONE - it has no business and no reason to be involved in this, much less filing a lawsuit and spending taxpayer dollars pursuing it. This has nothing to do with the merits of the injunction or the lawsuit that triggered it - it has to do with whether the DoJ has way overstepped its bounds.

This is a blatant use of the DoJ to push a political agenda. Embryonic stem cell research and its federal funding is a favorite cause of the political left. There is no legal issue for the DoJ to be involved in here. No legitimate reason at all for them to be involved. They are operating as Obama's political police force - being used to force political agendas upon us.

So far, I have seen no comment from anyone at DoJ explaining why they are involved in this.

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