Monday, April 16, 2012

Ford To Kill The Mustang - Again?

The next major makeover of Ford's Mustang is due in the 2014 model year. Many who have seen previews of the new design say it is almost a copy of Ford's Evos concept car:

Ford executives have been quoted as saying the redesign is needed to appeal to Gen Y youngsters, who supposedly are put off by the current body style's retro look. Apparently, making something that looks like a squashed Aston-Martin is what Ford feels will look cool.

The Mustang has suffered sales drops in recent years, 4.4% fewer being sold last year than the year before. It is currently behind both the Camaro and Challenger is sales figures for this year, supposedly. Does Ford really think that producing something that looks like the POS in the picture above is going to revive that? Does that car look like a muscle car, something to stand toe to toe with its Dodge and Chevy rivals?

(It's no wonder that Ford didn't allow the Mustang to be brought into NASCAR's Sprint Cup level of competition. Imagine their embarrassment at having to pull it back off the track after only one year!)

I predict there will be a run on 2013 Mustangs, so if you want to get one exactly the way you want it, you might want to not delay.

Anyone remember the last time Ford tried to redesign the Mustang to appeal to the younger crowd? Yeah, that was really successful, wasn't it:

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