Monday, April 16, 2012

Commander-In-Chief - What A Joke

Where, oh where is this country's Commander-in-Chief? Where is the POTUS? Why, he's scouting vacation spots for his wife on the beaches of Columbia - a fact he gleefully informed his lap dog press corps about.

Where is this man's Commander-In-Chief? Why isn't he at least making an attempt to honor the military folks who serve at his pleasure, and give up everything to their very lives themselves carrying out his orders and policies (no matter how ludicrous they are).

Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills is recovering from injuries suffered in an IED blast in Afghanistan last week. On his third deployment to that hell hole, he stepped on the IED. The blast took off both of his legs above the knee, his right arm above the elbow, and his left arm below the elbow.

Doctors hope to be able to return Mills stateside in a few days, on or near his 25th birthday. His wife and 4 month old daughter no doubt want to see his as soon as possible, but the reality of their situation now will hit home eventually.

Will President Obama be at Walter Reed (or wherever Sgt. Wills is delivered for treatment) to meet this hero and thank him for his sacrifice? (I was about to say shake his hand, but that is impossible)

Of course not. Obama will be still vacationing away on our dime, or huddled with his pack of reelection campaign advisors, or having a beer with some Democrat donor bigwigs, or spending a huge amount of money to watch a basketball game.

How many times has Obama visited our wounded troops, or visited with grieving families of those who have been lost? Of the very few times he has actually done that, how many times were without cameras, in private - no photo ops? Not a single one that I'm aware of.

Not having been in the military, this is an outsider's opinion. But, I think President Bush was a hell of a lot better military leader than this goofball we're stuck with now. How pathetic is it to have someone who hated (and continues to hate) the military running it? Think back to what happened to our military, and how our military's members were treated during the Carter and Clinton years. Think of how they are treated with outright disdain by the current regime. Terrible. I have nothing but adminration for our military folks, who put their lives on the line for a POTUS who is nothing but a POS.

As I have stated before, it is simply beyond my understanding why anyone who is, or has ever been, in the military would vote for Obama. Why would you vote for someone who hates what you stand for?

Godspeed, and wishes for the best possible recovery to Sgt. Mills, and his family. If you would like to take a look at his status, and help out if you can ...

NOTE - I am not speaking for Travis Mills or his family. I do not represent my thoughts about the current administration as representing theirs.

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