Monday, December 17, 2012

How Will The Left Spin This Into GOP Racism?

South Carolina Governor Haley appointed Rep. Tim Scott as replacement for Jim Demint, who resigned his US Senate seat after winning reelection.  Rep. Scott was elected to the US House of Representatives as part of the 2010 GOP landslide.  Rep. Scott is considered by Republicans as a conservative that can be counted on to uphold conservative values while in Congress.

Those on the left will immediately label this as another example of right wing extremist racism.  Why not?  Eveything that Republicans do is labeled as racist.

Governor Nikki Haley is female.  She was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, to Sikh parents who immigrated legally to this country from India.  A rising star in the GOP, she is a conservative - and a female - and a minority.  You would think that this would make her a darling to the liberal left.  Not so ... her politics aren't liberal, so her sex and heritage are irrelevant - she is still an evil, racist, rich, fat cat toy of the rich whities who make up the Republican Party.

Rep., now Senator, Tim Scott is an African-American male.  He is a staunch conservative who was swept into the US House by the Tea Party wave in 2010.  He will be the only black US Senator in the upcoming Congress.  He is the seventh black US Senator in the history of our country.  You would think that the Democrats would be praising Obama (or God) for such a progressive moment.  Not so ... Scott has been labeled Uncle Tom, racist (for abandoning liberal principles), token, irrelevant, and worse.  He is a target for the left, not an accomplishment.

7 black Senators in our history.  Why?  If African-American accomplishment is so important to the Democrat Party, if they are the champions of the minorities, why haven't they put forth more black Senatorial candidates?  You figure that at any given time, there are an average of 50 Senate seats owned by Democrats.   How many of those seats should be held by blacks, or Hispanics, Native Americans, or Eskimos, etc ... during any specific Congressional session - if you listen to the Democrat line of equal, fair, racially proper representation?

By the way - here are those 7 Senators, their states, their terms, and their parties ...

Tim Scott, South Carolina, 2013-2014, Republican
Roland Burris, Illinios, 2009-2010 ( Obama's replacement, as designated by Rod Blagojevich), Democrat
Barack Obama, Illinios, 2006-2008 (resigned to take the office of President), Democrat
Carol Mosely Braun, Illinios, 1993-1999, Democrat
Edward William Brooke, Massachusetts, 1967-1979, Republican
Blanche Kelso Bruce, Mississippi, 1875-1881, Republican
Hiram Rhodes Revels, Mississippi, 1870-1871, Republican

You will notice that the only three Democrats on this list all held the SAME Senate seat, one after the other.  Where are all the other blacks that should have been in the Senate representing the Democrat Party over the past 200+ years?  According to the Democrat mantra, there should have been at least two black Democrat Senators in each and every session of Congress - that is if Democrats actually considered black Americans as anything other than a captive voting block.

And Republicans are the racists ... seriously?

Senator Scott - Congratulations.  I wish you all the success in the world as you represent your state and conservative ideals.  I mean this with all the respect in the world ... I don't care what color your skin is.

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