Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Bowl 2011

The past few days have seen a real mess creep across most of the country. Here in the DFW area, ice, frigid temps, and now snow have made a real mess of Superbowl week. The game itself won't be affected, but all the workup, all the parties, all the celebration has been muzzled. It has been very funny seeing the ESPN clowns do their live show each night from Sundance Square in Ft. Worth, with frozen snot hanging off their faces! Hundreds of cancelled flights along with airport closures have made it difficult for the people coming in to see the game to actually get here.

There has been a lot of national coverage about the rolling blackouts that have hit Texas due to the cold. Well, here's the scoop. Several power plants were knocked offline when the cold hit, due to water pipes freezing and breaking. This caused a shortage of generating power, just at a time where we saw record demands for energy. Rolling blackouts were instituted to make sure the power grid didn't collapse in an uncontrolled fashion.

A bunch of Yankees have crapped all over Texas on TV about this. Here is the plain truth about the root cause of this - no new power plants have been built in Texas for almost 30 years. In spite of the tremendous industrial and population growth in this state, the Federal Government has made it so difficult, if not impossible, for power plants to get licenses that no one even tries to build new ones. Our power grid is not sufficient to handle out of the ordinary circumstances, like this freeze. Don't blame Texas ... don't believe this crap on TV. It is the fault of the eco-nazis who have and continue to block any rational energy production means.

The rolling blackouts have caused some valid controversy. Cowboys' stadium, the team hotels, and the Dallas Convention center (the NFL Experience is there) were exempted from the blackouts, and never lost power. Business', hospitals, schools, homes, traffic lights all got hit with multiple unannounced power cuts, but Jerry World and the NFL got a pass.

There is a lot of fear in this area about the NFL not coming back to DFW for another Superbowl due to this freakish weather. That isn't without merit - Atlanta got hit with a showstorm when they hosted the game, and the NFL hasn't been back. If the NFL is that petty, that shortsighted, then they can just stay the hell away. The fear of weather hasn't stopped them from having Superbowls up north a few times, and didn't stop them from scheduling one in New Jersey (in an open stadium).

For local business, especially the smaller business owners, who were expecting the promised money boom from the game, this week has been a bust. I really feel sorry for them.

According to Algore (really, he said this), the cause of all of this is Global Warming. (Thank God this moron didn't win the 2000 election!).

Personally, I think it is God's revenge. Having the Packers and Steelers playing the Superbowl in Cowboys' stadium is against the natural order of things. It is a crime against humanity.

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Not as much snow down south of you, but we still got about 2 inches.

On the news this AM, it appears that Jerry trying to milk a few more bucks out of this deal sold more tickets than the fire marshal said he could seat...what an a-hole.